Idaho Kids Vote Book Award

@IDkidsvote on Twitter

The Idaho Kids Vote Book Award is on Twitter, and we have been letting the authors of this year's nominees know their books are on our list.

Check out our latest blog post about reactionsto the nomination news and how you can use Twitter to connect your classroom with authors (and many other interesting people). Also, please follow @IDkidsvote on Twitter and let us know how your students are enjoying this year's books!

A reading project for Idaho

Do you want your students having discussions with other kids about the books they read? So do I. That's why I hope you'll join me in the Idaho Kids Vote Book Award this year. Participating teachers will nominate books. Then, students who read them will be encouraged to share their thoughts with other readers around the state. Participating classes will also have the opportunity to connect with each other to discuss the books via Flipgrid videos, pen pal projects, video calls, and more. Finally, students who read two or more of the nominated books will get to vote in the spring to choose the 2022 winner of the Idaho Kids Vote Book Award.

At this point, the Idaho Kids Vote Book Award is focused on recently published paperbacks for middle grade readers. If there is interest, this project may expand to include other categories in the future.

Are you interested? Use this form to sign up.